New Build Live Knutsen

Project Summary

6000 m³/h BWTS

The KBAL BWTS onboard NB728 “Live Knutsen” was successfully commissioned and approved by Class and Owner in October 2021.

The system is fully approved for ex zone 2 and installed according to the latest USCG and IMO regulations. As part of the Class Approval, a full demonstration of the system was performed in front of DNV and crew from Knutsen Shipping including all the safety features of the system and testing of the different treatment modes and auto-sequences for ballasting and de-ballasting.

The unique technology of the KBAL system allowed the test to be performed alongside the quay at COSCO ZhouShan, where traditional filter/ UV BWT systems cannot be tested or operated due to the poor water quality.

The Covid-19 pandemic continued to cause additional challenges for this project as KBAL service engineers were unable to travel out to the vessel throughout 2021 due to quarantine restrictions. KBAL was still able to deliver the system successfully by performing much of the testing and commissioning remotely from Haugesund, Norway with assistance from a local service engineer in China together with the shipyard team.

The KBAL system can be operated both from the CCR and from the bridge. Typically, the crew will choose to operate the Ballast System from the same location as the Cargo operation and for Live Knutsen this will vary depending on whether the vessel is loading offshore or doing a cargo operation in a terminal. Valve and pump control is integrated into the KBAL control system allowing the BWTS operation to be controlled from a single screen. This makes the KBAL system very user friendly to operate.