Knutsen Ballast Water AS was founded in 2009 with the aim to develop a ballast water treatment system suitable for the marine environment during vessel operations. KBAL has been developedby Ship owners for Ship Owners and complies with the IMO and USCG D2 discharge standard. The first technology of it's type that uses neither filter nor chemicals.

KBAL is fully compliant in all waters and is capable of treating water with a UVT as low as 26%, a unique benefit when operating at ports with regular tidal change where UVT consequently may drop significantly during cargo operation.

Main key points of KBAL


The KBAL system consists of a limited number of parts making for an easy installation. For our skid and container configurations it’s a quick plug and play installation.


The KBAL system is fully automated, intuitive and easy to operate. The superior data collection allows for easy generation of reports for port state controls. While remote access allows for quick support from our service engineers.


The KBAL system has few movable and no rotating parts. This implies less wear and tear thus less maintenance and need for spare parts on board. A true robust system made for the marine environment. The system is unaffected by salinity even when operating in fresh water thus the system doesn’t require dosing of salt or chemicals of any kind.

How it Works

Worldwide support

Through our highly skilled partners KBAL provide worldwide support and service.

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certified by DNV-GL Maritime