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The KBAL product range covers flow rates from 400 to 3000 m3 per hour and systems can be installed in parallel in order to increase total system Treatment Rated Capacity (TRC) or for treatment of water from aft peak tank if required. Systems of different sizes can also be combined. The full range of KBAL systems can be delivered for installation in Ex Zone 1 or Zone 2 environments.



  • Max. 3000m3 per hour
  • Max. UV consumption 480 kW


  • Max. 2000m3 per hour
  • Max. UV consumption 336 kW


  • Max. 1500m3 per hour
  • Max. UV consumption
    240 kW


  • Max. 1200m3 per hour
  • Max. UV consumption 204 kW


  • Max. 400m3 per hour
  • Max. UV consumption
    70 kW


Alongside the 5 sizes of treatment system, KBAL offers three different configurations to suit the needs of every client:

Stand-alone System

The most compact and flexible configuration for installation in a ships machinery space.

Skid Mounted System – Plug and Play

A complete KBAL BWTS ready for easy tie-in onboard in a machinery space.

Containerized System – Plug and Play

For installation on main deck, typically used for vessels with submerged pumps.

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Managing Director and Sales

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